Chocolate Fountain Dippers

Divalicious Chocolate! Fountain Rentals can provide the dipping items, you get them yourselves or through your event planner/venue.

Divalicious Chocolate! offers a choice of: Basic or Customized Dipping Item Packages.

Basic Dipping Item Package - $3.00 Per Person

  • One Fruit
  • Pretzels
  • Marshmallows
  • Our Selection of Cookies (we choose a variety of three)

We provide approximately two of each item per person.

Customized Dipping Item Package
If you would like a more elaborate selection of dipping items, we can provide additional items depending on your choices. Please refer to our Dipping Items Suggestions list below for inspiration and call us for a customized quote, 718.522.7266.

Be advised that this list is all the things we think work best in a chocolate fountain and that we may not be able to supply all the items on the list.

Dipping Items Suggestions
Strawberries Chocolate Chip Cookies Pretzels
Kiwi Sugar Wafers Corn Chips
Pineapple Oreo Cookies Potato Chips
Cherries Coconut Macaroons Bagel Chips
Grapes Rolled Wafers Ritz Crackers
Oranges Tea Biscuits Pringles
Apples Fig Newtons Sesame Sticks
Kumquats Oatmeal Cookies LADLE ON
Melon Tuiles Pound Cake
Bananas Vanilla Wafers Brownies
Pears Shortbread Wedding Cake
Figs Gingersnaps Ice Cream
Dried Apricots Fortune Cookies Pudding
Assorted Dried Fruits Graham Crackers Mousse
CANDIES Animal Crackers Banana Splits
Marshmallows Rice Krispie Treats Sundaes
Candy Canes Donut Holes Pie
Caramels Cream Puffs Panna Cotta
Lolly Pops Cake Pops Raspberries
Twizzlers Brownie Bites Blueberries

We reserve the right to make substitutions if your choice is not available or in poor condition.

Platters & Serving Bowls

Due to varying themes and decor for events, we do not provide platters for the dipping items. We can advise on the number of platters that will be needed based on your dipping item choices.

Extra Delivery Charge
Parties of 125 or more persons will incur an additionall $75.00 delivery charge for the dipping item packages.

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