Taste Chocolate Like a Pro

Look, snap, smell, place, taste, savor the flavor, feel, and rate form the key steps to tasting chocolate like a pro. Enjoy a multi-sensory experience, learning about the world’s favorite food while tasting gourmet chocolates in a fun, interactive environment.

It’s interactive and delicious fun for corporate events, birthdays, team-building, showers, anniversaries, wedding gifts and more.

Our tastings come in a variety of themes and range from formal, sit-down tastings to buffet-style tastings for larger or more casual events. Chocolate-tastings make a wonderful alternative to dessert service or offer a welcome way to break up the day during a conference.

Adding wine to a chocolate-tasting helps guests to relax and facilitates interactions for icebreaker and networking events. You can even add cheese to a wine and chocolate tasting for an all around taste extravaganza!


The pricing for our formal tastings start at $80.00 per person; buffet tastings are custom quoted to suit your budget. There is a $1,500.00 minimum fee to book a tasting.

To enquire about a chocolate tasting event, reach out via our contact form or call (929) 277-9175.

Chocolate-Tasting Themes

Divalicious Chocolate! offers a variety of chocolate-tasting themes for your events. Themes can be customized or modified to suit your event needs.

How to Choose a Great Chocolate
A Tasting from Milk to Dark Chocolate

In this tasting, attendees try couverture chocolates that range from a mild milk chocolate (i.e., 33% cacao) to extra-bitter dark chocolate (i.e., 86% cacao) so there will be chocolates that are bound to appeal to the taste preferences of each of the attendees. Attendees can get a clear experience of the chocolates they like best.

The Amazing Tastes
A Blind Tasting of Chocolates from Around the World

In this tasting, attendees blind-taste couverture chocolates from six different countries. They attempt to figure out which chocolate comes from what country.

Taste The Terroir
A Tasting of Single-Origin Chocolates

In this tasting, attendees taste six couverture chocolates where the cacao all comes from a single country, to get the experience of how terroir — a wine term that relates to how the location, soil, weather and more affect flavor — influences the final taste of the chocolate.

Tastes from the Dark Side
A Tasting of Seventy Percent and Higher Chocolates

In this tasting, the attendees taste six couverture chocolates that have a seventy percent or higher cacao content. The higher-percentage chocolates are considered to be on the more serious side of chocolate-tasting and are also regarded as being beneficial for health.

Got Milk?
A Tasting of All Milk Chocolates

On the lighter side of the chocolate tastings, attendees try a range gourmet milk chocolates.

Wanna Little Wine with That?
Pairing of Wines and Chocolate

An awesome way to taste chocolate is with wines. Chocolate has more flavor notes than wine. In this tasting we taste four wines and six couverture chocolates, then we pair them looking for the perfect match. Our wine partner is Wine Therapy in Nolita, a boutique wine store focusing on small producers who make outstanding organic and specialty wines.


Chocolate & Wine Tasting

Divalicious Chocolate! offers chocolate and wine tastings where participants taste and pair gourmet chocolate and specialty wines.

Participants learn

  • How chocolate is made from bean to bar
  • The origin and characteristics of each wine
  • How to pair chocolates and wine like an expert
  • How to use rating scale and tasting score sheets

Formal Chocolate & Wine Tasting: Each participant pairs four hand-selected wines and six couverture chocolates from some of the world’s finest chocolate makers (e.g., El Rey, Valrhona and Guittard) and discusses their opinion of each pairing with Jackie and the rest of the group. Each participant gets a score sheet, flavor wheel and rating scale to write down his or her thoughts and reactions to each pairing. Palate cleansers are provided.

Running Time: A chocolate and wine pairing typically runs approximately one-and-a-half hours. The timing of the event can be modified as needed.

Chocolate and Wine Tasting Buffet: A chocolate and wine tasting buffet is set up with bottles of wine arranged with selections of chocolates to taste and pair. These are accompanied by signs that reference their background information and flavor notes.

The buffet can be moderated by a chocolate expert who guides participants through the tasting and answers their questions. Score sheets and/or tasting plates are provided for participants.

Chocolate and wine tastings can be modified to suit your event needs.

To enquire about a chocolate and wine tasting event, reach out via our contact form or call (929) 277-9175.

A Grape, a Bean and a Curd Walk into the Boardroom: A Chocolate, Cheese & Wine Pairing Event

Jackie’s all time favorite and most popular event is a chocolate, cheese, and wine tasting. In this walk around event, the room is set with five stations. Four stations are with a red wine, a cheese and a selection of chocolate to pair with each other. One station is set with a choice of two white wines and a selection of cheese to pair with the wines. Starting from the mildest to the strongest guests do a self-guided tasting that includes over 25 tasting combinations.

To enquire about a chocolate tasting event, reach out via our contact form or call (929) 277-9175.